The Story of Rième

Since 1921, Rieme produces Premium Artisanal

French Limonades using the same

artisanal recipes with the best ingredients.

330 ml
11.18 fl oz

750 ml
25.4 fl oz

GMO & Gluten free

certified kosher

beet sugar


no preservatives/additives


Once upon a time Rième...

  Marcel Alcide Rième, who was a "limonade" producer in Morteau (France), created the "Mortuaciennne Limonade” in 1921. It has been produced continuously for more than 90 years in the purest tradition.

The experience and knowledge of Marcel Rième led him to produce syrups in 3 flavors : lemon, grenadine, and mint.

Today, his great-grandson continues to use the traditional knowledge and manufacturing processes to satisfy the fine palate of discerning consumers.

Marcel Alcide Rieme

France, 1921



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