The Sparkling Spicy

Ginger Ale Mixer

Pure or mixed it has an amazing kick!

Twist off Cap

Strong and powerful taste
Made with natural flavors
Low in sugar, GMO FREE and GLUTEN FREE
A true alternative to alcohol...
The best drink for any occasion!


Pimento is a French Spicy Energizing Sparkling drink made with ginger, tonic and hot pepper natural flavors. Low in sugar, Pimento has a strong and powerful taste that create an unforgettable sensation. 


Naturally delicious, Pimento is best served ice cold. Most importantly, it is really tasteful.


First, you feel the strong sensation of the ginger, large and fruity. Then feel the shock of the chili (hot and spicy).

This drink will shake you up!


Finalist at The Beverage Innovation Awards,


Finalist of the Regional Food Competition

Cervia, Paris


Pimento, Gold Medal at Great Taste Awards (Guild of Fine Food), London



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